From as far back as I can remember, I loved film. Anytime we had company my father would get out the Bell and Howell 8mm projector and show the family films. Every Christmas, birthday and vacation was documented on that format. This love for film would reemerge in the 1990's in the form of digital video.

At age 10 my father brought home a Magnus organ for my mother as a Christmas present. She rarely played it but I played it everyday. Which later led to the saxophone (All of them) which led to guitar which led to bass guitar which led to drums but mostly guitar. That all led to cover bands in the 1980's and to being an international recording artist in the 1990's. (I stopped touring in 2007)

At age 10 my father bought me a small reel to reel portable recorder which led to a cassette recorder which led to a 4 track cassette recorder which led to an 8 track cassette recorder which led to 2 inch 24 track recorder which led to hard drive recording and being a studio audio engineer.

At age 12 my parents bought me a Polaroid camera which led to borrowing a Kodak 35mm camera which led to a Sears (Pentax) 35mm SLR camera which led to a Canon Rebel SLR camera which led to a Canon 50D DSLR camera which led to 2 - Canon 6D DSLR cameras and a bunch on lenses. And flashes. And light modifiers.

At age 23 I bought an Atari 800XL computer which led to a Packard Bell PC which led to an Atari 1040ST computer which led to assembling my own PCs which led to Mac computers. That all led to songwriting, music production, music composition, video editing, photo editing, database programming and website production.

Well that was exhausting. So since 2009 I have been a Marketing Director for a vacation rental real estate company on an island, where I do the following:

  1. Build and maintain the marketing and service website with Joomla and Wordpress.
  2. Program the FileMaker database for the desktops and iPhones that track all the time and billing for all our services.
  3. Photograph and shoot video of all the rental homes and post on the website
  4. Market and book weddings on the island
  5. Photograph the weddings
  6. Photograph family vacation portraits
  7. Shoot and edit video for the weddings
  8. DJ the weddings
  9. Hire extra photographers or DJs if needed
  10. Shoot and create VPIX 360 virtual tours for homes for sale on the island
  11. Maintain the social networking sites.
  12. Maintain the newsletter